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Keep going!

I happen to see this image in one of the fitness websites. It’s really inspiring. The message is very profound and encourages you to go ahead and always keep trying for what you believe and want to achieve. 

Many a times during coaching Agile teams you feel that the efforts that you put to help the teams aren’t bearing fruits. You tend to get disheartened and may think that should you still continue? or quit?

Keep going. Even though the results may not be very obvious and encouraging, the change has actually started to happen inside the team. Every conversation you have with the team members, every training you do,every new technique you introduce has actually triggered thoughts for change inside their subconscious mind. The time that you see no change in teams  is the time you need to keep going. 

A little more patience, a little more effort and a little more hope and you see the first flower bloom from the seed you planted. 

Keep going!

Agile Vocabulary Syndrome

Read Somewhere : The person  who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the person who can’t read them.

One of the biggest blockers  in Agile adoption and transformation is that  people don’t read anything.

They think they do Agile if they say they do agile as Agile is nothing but common sense and can transition to agile by absorbing the vocabulary (I call it Agile Vocabulary Syndrome ).

I believe reading without practicing is useless, but practicing without reading can be expensive.



Agile Under Stress !

Have you ever come across a situation where the velocity of the team indicate that they will not be able to deliver the scope that is expected by the business by next 2 months.Its a critical deadline.And all features is all what the business wants.

What do you do?

Cut scope ?Nah..You can’t.It’s all or nothing..and yes the business do “understand” Agile.

Extend the deadline ? What !?Extending a “deadline” seriously impacts the relationships in an organization. If you can extend a deadline  means that you didn’t really mean it. People who like to declare deadlines, it’s a good reason not to extend them.

Whats next ? Stress…
When people are stressed, they often revert to doing things that (appear to have) helped them survive in the past. in pressure and deadline.

Some questions ..

How can you help them respond more effectively to it?

Why did they accept the estimates at the beginning? Why not now?

How often does the manager choose to help the  team and get the blame for not meeting deadline and be ready for the potential punishment , or stress out teams (which he can easily do) and meet the deadlines?

Agile salesman

I recently was at one of the busiest markets of New Delhi.. I encountered  lots of salesman trying to sell things to me that I don’t need.. I was amazed to see how desperate and passionate they were to sell stuff.  I wanted to buy some of them, but the extra sales pitch made me reluctant to but from them. I felt they were forcing me to buy. Finally I bought what I wanted from the person who asked me what I really wanted and gave me options to choose from without forcing any one.

This is what happens when coaches or consulants try to sell Agile to the teams  shoving down their throat.. People hate it. Resist it. Ignore it.
Always ask teams :
what their needs are..?
What do they really want.?
What are the options available to them.?
Are they comfortable taking the first steps.?
Do they need your support in their  journey..?
And there you go.. There is  more likely hood of teams “Buying”  Agile.


Stable Velocity ?

Agile Estimation and Planning introduces the concept of Story Points and Velocity.So it is all about relative estimation,with raw values called story points.And then you have velocity that is a rough estimate on how much a team can complete in a sprint.Velocit can be a great method for teams to focus on relative size of a story or a feature, but at the same time can be misused.When you have a lot of discussions around velocity like stable velocity, incresing velocity,decreasing velocity etc…, then you are in the same mindset as that of having more hours,less hours, more hours in an hour…Velocity is just the rate of completion of a product being developed, and it is just a number for planning. After the teams have been practising Sdrum for quite some time , the Veloicty trends gives you a lot of things to ponder uponPeople might looking for a term called “stable Velocity” which I believe is not worth discussion.

Bob Marshall @flowchainsensei recently quoted:
” Stable Velocity either causes unsustainable pace or undercommitement”

Here is a beautiful article on this topic by Bob Boyd .Please have a look

Hope you enjoy this !

I am now a Certified Scrum Professional

Wow !

I got a mail that my application for CSP has been approved ,and got a link where I can pay $250 to get the CSP Certification from Scrum Allaince.Finally , last weekend , I got it updated on my Scrum Allaince Profile.I also have a CSP and CSPO.

Click here to know more on how to become a CSP.

as per the website it says :

Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional is not easy. You will need to demonstrate that you have at least one year of actual experience using Scrum on a project, that you know how to apply Scrum concepts, practices, and principles, and that you understand how and why Scrum works. Potential employers can be assured that when someone is a CSP they have taken the initiative to go beyond a foundation-level understanding to achieve a depth of knowledge and experience in the Scrum process.”

This is my certificate :


It really feels  good , and also makes you take next ladder of Certification like CST/CSC.

I hope one day , I get that !


Welcome to the world of Agile


I am Ashish Mahajan. I am a software engineer by profession,and fanatic about Agile.
I work as an Agile Evangelist, and would like to share my experience and learnings of Agile Adoption and my journey towards being agile.
Please share your reviews and would be a great learning for me .


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