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Keep going!

I happen to see this image in one of the fitness websites. It’s really inspiring. The message is very profound and encourages you to go ahead and always keep trying for what you believe and want to achieve. 

Many a times during coaching Agile teams you feel that the efforts that you put to help the teams aren’t bearing fruits. You tend to get disheartened and may think that should you still continue? or quit?

Keep going. Even though the results may not be very obvious and encouraging, the change has actually started to happen inside the team. Every conversation you have with the team members, every training you do,every new technique you introduce has actually triggered thoughts for change inside their subconscious mind. The time that you see no change in teams  is the time you need to keep going. 

A little more patience, a little more effort and a little more hope and you see the first flower bloom from the seed you planted. 

Keep going!

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