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Agile Vocabulary Syndrome

Read Somewhere : The person  who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the person who can’t read them.

One of the biggest blockers  in Agile adoption and transformation is that  people don’t read anything.

They think they do Agile if they say they do agile as Agile is nothing but common sense and can transition to agile by absorbing the vocabulary (I call it Agile Vocabulary Syndrome ).

I believe reading without practicing is useless, but practicing without reading can be expensive.



Agile Under Stress !

Have you ever come across a situation where the velocity of the team indicate that they will not be able to deliver the scope that is expected by the business by next 2 months.Its a critical deadline.And all features is all what the business wants.

What do you do?

Cut scope ?Nah..You can’t.It’s all or nothing..and yes the business do “understand” Agile.

Extend the deadline ? What !?Extending a “deadline” seriously impacts the relationships in an organization. If you can extend a deadline  means that you didn’t really mean it. People who like to declare deadlines, it’s a good reason not to extend them.

Whats next ? Stress…
When people are stressed, they often revert to doing things that (appear to have) helped them survive in the past. in pressure and deadline.

Some questions ..

How can you help them respond more effectively to it?

Why did they accept the estimates at the beginning? Why not now?

How often does the manager choose to help the  team and get the blame for not meeting deadline and be ready for the potential punishment , or stress out teams (which he can easily do) and meet the deadlines?

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