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Agile salesman

I recently was at one of the busiest markets of New Delhi.. I encountered  lots of salesman trying to sell things to me that I don’t need.. I was amazed to see how desperate and passionate they were to sell stuff.  I wanted to buy some of them, but the extra sales pitch made me reluctant to but from them. I felt they were forcing me to buy. Finally I bought what I wanted from the person who asked me what I really wanted and gave me options to choose from without forcing any one.

This is what happens when coaches or consulants try to sell Agile to the teams  shoving down their throat.. People hate it. Resist it. Ignore it.
Always ask teams :
what their needs are..?
What do they really want.?
What are the options available to them.?
Are they comfortable taking the first steps.?
Do they need your support in their  journey..?
And there you go.. There is  more likely hood of teams “Buying”  Agile.


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