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Litmus Test for Agile

How much percent are you Agile?
How much do you wish to increase your agility over the given time period?
What percentage Are you deviating from The Agile Checklist?

Ever heard these questions?


If you are trying to have a litmus test for agile,you are kind of standardizing Agile.
You don’t get it.
You are bundling practices and putting it in a box of compliance.

Its not important to clear the litmus test of agile.
Does it matter if you call yourself agile or get certified as Agile?

What’s more important is to understand what you are getting out of what you are doing.

Was the project successful?
did you deliver what was expected?

Is the team happy?
Would they like to work in the way they succeeded last time?

These are the questions that matter.
Sustainable pace,early delivery with high quality,motivated and enthusiastic people,happy customers is what should be focussed on..

It really Doesn’t matter which path you take, which name you follow,which litmus test you pass as long as you focussed on the values you thrive as n individual,team or organization..

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