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Are you free? Part 1

The world seems to be divided on the basis of various groups like religion, ideology, philosophy, money, politics,nations,regions,even cities and what not..
You are identified with which group you are associated with.
It has some positives attached to it.
You feel secure,the community supports you and in turn you follow the rules of the group you are associated with.
The problem starts when you try to step into other group’s shoes and find it better ,as you feel more inclined towards it.
But no, then you break the rules.You fear to step out,you fear that you will loose support of your current group,you fear loss of comfort.
You fear being FREE.

Does it sounds similar ,when you adopt a process,methodology or a framework or set of practices, and are identified with the group you belong,and follow the rules of the group.
And then you want to try something different,but fear being not practicing as per the rules of the group you are identified,fear being mocked, fear being labelled failure.
You fear being FREE.

What does it take to be free?
Logic,reason,courage,self belief,instinct?.or a cocktail of all of them-?

Mahatma Gandhi once said: I reject any doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality”

I will try to get some answers soon..

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