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How a CSM course helped me..

I see a lot of debates on the value of CSM certificates.People have various opinion on it .Some say it is just a piece of paper,a show off, just a addition on your resume, waste of money blah blah…

I have been in Agile teams since last 3 years , and have faced various  challenges in transitions..Call it the mindset challenge, teams dynamics, current  designations vs Agile Roles ,etc.. I also had a chance to mentor teams in their Agile Transition..There were always some loose ends, that needs to be tied up.Some questions to be answered.

I got an opportunity to attend a local CSM course in my city by one of the CST (Pete Deemer). It was a great 2 day experience. It included games,industry experiences shared.And after Clearing the online exam, I got my CSM.But this is a part of what i got .Its been one year I attended CSM , but the community I got engaged , is still thriving me to get better day by day.I met people from various companies who had similar aspirations from the Course.We shared our challenges,learned from each other. This made me be a part of a community of Scrum professionals in my city.I started attending various conferences on Agile , presented and learned a lot. became members of some of the great online Agile/Scrum communities.Many of my co-workers also got inspired.

Six months later I got an opportunity to attend CSPO ,again by Pete Deemer. The various challenges and questions on a product owner role got better.We discussed on various aspects of this role and this helped me a lot in helping my teams out.

I am now a CSP , and my ambition is to help the software community in helping the teams achieve more.I truly believe that an individual brilliance is not sufficient in todays world. A person should actively be a part of a community , and share and learn from it as it is a collective knowledge.Most of the issues or confusions get cleared when you share it with the community. As problems are context specific , but  the knowledge of community will definatelt give you a thought to work on.

And coming back to CSM , it was a starting point  for me to ignite the passion of Agile/Scrum .

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