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Stable Velocity ?

Agile Estimation and Planning introduces the concept of Story Points and Velocity.So it is all about relative estimation,with raw values called story points.And then you have velocity that is a rough estimate on how much a team can complete in a sprint.Velocit can be a great method for teams to focus on relative size of a story or a feature, but at the same time can be misused.When you have a lot of discussions around velocity like stable velocity, incresing velocity,decreasing velocity etc…, then you are in the same mindset as that of having more hours,less hours, more hours in an hour…Velocity is just the rate of completion of a product being developed, and it is just a number for planning. After the teams have been practising Sdrum for quite some time , the Veloicty trends gives you a lot of things to ponder uponPeople might looking for a term called “stable Velocity” which I believe is not worth discussion.

Bob Marshall @flowchainsensei recently quoted:
” Stable Velocity either causes unsustainable pace or undercommitement”

Here is a beautiful article on this topic by Bob Boyd .Please have a look

Hope you enjoy this !

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