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I am now a Certified Scrum Professional

Wow !

I got a mail that my application for CSP has been approved ,and got a link where I can pay $250 to get the CSP Certification from Scrum Allaince.Finally , last weekend , I got it updated on my Scrum Allaince Profile.I also have a CSP and CSPO.

Click here to know more on how to become a CSP.

as per the website it says :

Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional is not easy. You will need to demonstrate that you have at least one year of actual experience using Scrum on a project, that you know how to apply Scrum concepts, practices, and principles, and that you understand how and why Scrum works. Potential employers can be assured that when someone is a CSP they have taken the initiative to go beyond a foundation-level understanding to achieve a depth of knowledge and experience in the Scrum process.”

This is my certificate :


It really feels  good , and also makes you take next ladder of Certification like CST/CSC.

I hope one day , I get that !


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