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Will the Pigs (B)eat the Chickens ?

One of the principles of Agile Manifesto is:

“Build projects around motivated individuals.
Give them the environment and support they need,
and trust them to get the job done.”

How often are we able to create such environment , where the teams are motivated and full accountability of the work they do . I think, in order to have it , the two conditions should be true:

  1. The Chickens( managers/not working Agile/Scrum Teams) should trust and give freedom to the teams .
  2. The Pigs(Members of Agile/Scrum team members) should be aware of the freedom and take full ownership of work

Case 1: Chickens gives responsibility/control to Pigs. Pigs not ready to take ownership.

Smells :

  1. Team used to command and control, and have hard time when they have to take decisions.
  2. New members, in their norming /forming/storming stage , still struggling to take collective actions.
  3. Team has Dysfunctions. (Click here for a book on team dysfunctions)
  4. Heroism .
  5. Teams misuse the freedom given to them.
What to do ?
1. Coaching by an experienced Agile Coach.
2. Focus on positives of teams dynamics and small improvements the team does.
3. Appreciate the team work over individual contribution.
4. Change in the HR system for appraising employee performance.
5. Team building games/workshops.

Case 2: Chickens don’t give responsibility/control to Pigs. Pigs ready to take ownership.

Smells :

1. Chickens not aware of Agile.

2.Chickens aware of Agile,but less confident of giving control to teams.

3. Fear about loss of Status-Quo.

What to do ?

1. Coaching support from an experienced Agile Coach.

2. Read an article by Pete Deemer(CST) :

3. Change in HR policies in role description if needed.

4.Understand their concerns , and talk , to remove any fears.

5. Teams can be proactive, by taking initiatives and delivering results by self organizing.

Case 3: Chickens don’t give responsibility/control to Pigs. Pigs not ready to take ownership.

This is a classic case where:

Managers dont know.

Managers dont care.

Developers dont fix it.

What to do ?

Jeff Sutherland has a very very good technique for solving such dysfunctions called as Shock therapy.

More info

Case 4: Chickens give responsibility/control to Pigs. Pigs ready to take ownership.

A step toward Self organization..

Chickens and Pigs both needs to support each other in the journey of self organization.

Its not about who wins the battle.

It is all about how they support each other in Becoming truly self organized team.

I am now a Certified Scrum Professional

Wow !

I got a mail that my application for CSP has been approved ,and got a link where I can pay $250 to get the CSP Certification from Scrum Allaince.Finally , last weekend , I got it updated on my Scrum Allaince Profile.I also have a CSP and CSPO.

Click here to know more on how to become a CSP.

as per the website it says :

Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional is not easy. You will need to demonstrate that you have at least one year of actual experience using Scrum on a project, that you know how to apply Scrum concepts, practices, and principles, and that you understand how and why Scrum works. Potential employers can be assured that when someone is a CSP they have taken the initiative to go beyond a foundation-level understanding to achieve a depth of knowledge and experience in the Scrum process.”

This is my certificate :


It really feels  good , and also makes you take next ladder of Certification like CST/CSC.

I hope one day , I get that !


Agile Coaching

Being an Agile Coach takes a lot of Energy and patience at the same time.
You need to be sensitive to the people and situation of an organization.
Every word you speak has a great impact on your teams.
You really need to master the skills of Agile Coaching.

Here is a book on Agile Coaching by Lyssa Adkins.
Must read for anyone into Agile Coaching!

Welcome to the world of Agile


I am Ashish Mahajan. I am a software engineer by profession,and fanatic about Agile.
I work as an Agile Evangelist, and would like to share my experience and learnings of Agile Adoption and my journey towards being agile.
Please share your reviews and would be a great learning for me .


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